This Month Is Out


Tomorrow is CD16. Negative afternoon OPK today (faint line). I have yet to have a POSITIVE OPK throughout this journey to motherhood. Ran out of tests today. I MUST pick some of those up tomorrow. I still haven’t gotten around to getting the cheapies online.

Our donor had his HIV test today – NEGATIVE. I knew it would be, but it was nice to just know it FOR SURE. His STD-panel test is Wednesday afternoon. The staff at the clinic told me we wouldn’t get results back for 7-10 days. So, this month’s insemination is out. If I ovulate this month, I’m sure it will be before we get the results back. I was hoping we could get the results in 3 days or so. 😦 It would have been late November ovulation…unless by some freak of nature I ovulated EXTREMELY late.

We definitely want to make sure he’s 100% healthy. So, after the tests results come back, and everything is clear…..we’re going for it. That will be a late-December insemination or early January maybe. Hopefully I will start ovulating more regularly. We’ve decided we’re going to do the first insemination (or several) without getting an HSG first, or any of that. If it doesn’t happen in a normal amount of time naturally, we will talk to the doctor about medications. I don’t know, we just feel better about that. We are using fresh known donor sperm, which we will be able to get on short notice as often as we need it, which is a wonderful thing for us! Question for you guys: When you get a positive OPK, should you inseminate right away?? How many times? Every day? Every other? Or should you just inseminate every day/other day when you have EWCM? Need some advice on this.


I do feel healthy……and I feel good about just doing this naturally, at home. I really don’t want to be on any medications. My only concern about my health is my weight gain, but that isn’t because I have anything wrong with me (other than my self-control: the fact that this year I’ve just been UNABLE to say no to carbs). I stepped on the digital scale today and for a brief second it flashed a scary number. A number that is 30 higher than it was in January. Ok, the numbers scare me – so I’ll just put it out there, and the fear will maybe go away. 165……Yeah. It flickered and then went to 163….where it remained the next 12 times I checked it. STILL…I was 135 in January. What in the world!? For a moment, I wanted to cry. I had to buy new jeans the other day. My size 10’s were doing up, but with GREAT EFFORT, and there’s no way I could have worn them out in public, unless I wanted people to think that denim was painted on. So, that was depressing. Not that they were 12’s. They’re cute 12’s…adorable jeans, really. I could really care less about that….It’s just weird. I mean, I sort of couldn’t believe my favourite 10 jeans just didn’t fit. I can tell I’ve gained…..but I suppose I really feel like it crept up on me. Ugh. New Years resolution. I just have to stay away from bread. It makes me balloon! Sorry, I really didn’t mean to get into that issue, I just….did.


Our anniversary is on Wednesday. 6 years. I still can’t believe that. There are so many things I love about her, and I cannot even begin to list all the ways she makes me laugh EVERY day. I’m excited. Six years is a long time – and I’m proud of us! We have grown up a lot since we got together. Been through A LOT. I really love her more now than I did then, and just can’t believe we’re going to start a family soon. Corny, Corny……….I know. I just love her. Did I say that yet? I’m just looking forward to a very amazing year. I can’t wait. Oh, and I’m having the baby dreams again. I really want to be pregnant.


11 thoughts on “This Month Is Out

  1. three things:

    1. happy anniversary!
    2. i so hear you about the weight gain, and incidentally, the bread. i’ve had a rough year of it too.
    3. i have some internet cheapies i’d be more than happy to send you.

  2. Damn. I hope you’re not really out for your first insem, but if you are, damn!

    Have a happy anniversary! Six years is no small feat. Isn’t it great how that love just grows and grows? J and I are working on our tenth year together, and we love each other more than ever. It really is an amazing thing.

  3. We are very similar in our situations, although I think that I have said that before. =)
    Good luck on next month’s insemination. I am fearful that I may not ovulate this cycle and we will have to wait as well, but who knows!
    Also, congrats on your anniversary. 6 years in our community is like 25 in the hetero one!

  4. 1. We inseminated the morning after the positive OPK. It worked both times.
    2. I too, am right there with you on the weight issue! BLAH! But I’m going to enjoy my food for another month and hop on the diet wagon after the first of the year. Bread is just evil isn’t it?
    3. Happy 6th Anniversary! Our 3rd is on the 26th.
    4. Sorry this month is a bust but you know we’re rooting for ya!

  5. Happy Anniversary!!!!

    I hope you get to insem as soon as possible!

    You do have a wider range of when you can insem due to using fresh…

  6. Wow! Happy anniversary. You two look so cute together.

    Sorry it looks like you’ll be out this month, though better to be safe than sorry, eh?

    I hear you about wanting just to try as naturally as you can and see what happens. Even with what might be slightly unpredicatble ovulations, you have plenty in your favour – your youth and fresh sperm to name but two. When we were using a KD, we usually insemmed on the night of the first +OPK, but that was mainly because it was easier for our donor at night and also becuase we had to travel a long way, and doing it at night avoided having to have time off work. I think Kim’s timing sounds good, but if your donor is happy to make several deposits a month, get some earlier ones and a later one in too. As it lives longer, and it’s free, why not!!

    Best of luck.

  7. Hun, I nodded the entire time I was reading your post. I am right there with you! I was 40 lbs. lighter when I got married last FEBRUARY! Damn carbs. But, what you and your baby need right now may be just what is in those cute pair of 12’s. Don’t worry about it. Seriously. I admire you for trying to let your body do it’s thing first before interferring with it. The neg OPK’s aside, you may be surprised by how your body will step up. Are your temps showing ovulation? You are definitely in my thoughts and I’m wishing you lots of happy follicles and egg popping for next month. Stay positive and celebrate your 6 year anniversary! Congratulations!

  8. Congrats on your upcoming anniversary! 6 years is AWESOME! Mindi and I just celebrated our 2 year wedding anniversary on Monday, and will celebrate our 5 year in June. Like you said, it is amazing how much we have grown since the beginning!

    If you can get more than 1 “dose” of sperm per cycle, I say do 1 insem shortly after your first positive OPK, followed by a second insem 2 days later (aka skip 1 day). Reasoning: Like PP said, fresh sperm = longer life span + skipping 1 day gives donor daddy an opportunity to build up more spermies! If you plan on only insemming 1 time per cycle, do it about 24 hours after your first + OPK. Good Luck!

  9. Happy 6 year anniversary! Congrats!
    And I’m sorry that you are out for this cycle, BUT I’m very hopeful for your first one!!!
    We use frozen sperm and do IUIs at the doc’s office….when we get a + OPK we call the doc’s office and go in the next day. About 24 hours after surge has been detected.

  10. Happy anniversary!! I’m sorry that the timing didn’t work out. We’re changing things up with our protocol next cycle based on what the doctor says on Friday so I’ll be sure to let you know if anything different from what others have posted happens.

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