How Could It Be Any Other Way?


Nothing much to report. I’m sitting here munching on a lovely Margherita pizza from California pizza kitchen ( It is seriously the best pizza ever. It TASTES like Italy. . . made with imported Italian tomatoes and fresh mozzarella cheeses topped with fresh basil and Parmesan cheese. Mmmm. Check out the website, it will tell you of the locations in your area. Or you can pick up one of their frozen pizzas in Walmart! It does NOT taste like frozen pizza. Oh my gosh, I love it.

I’m listening to this song “Other Way” by Trevor Hall. This guy’s good. Saw the video playing in Blockbuster the other day. I love it. I’ll post it below.

K is still pretty sick with a bad cold. She’s gone to look at a house this afternoon….we need room….we’ve looked at several recently, not one we could agree on though. I’m off to a Beagle Meetup….we’re going to an outdoor mall. Starbucks + Beagles = FUN! Ha. I’m such a nerd.

The turtle is almost to the finish line …. less than a month till our first insemination. Yikes! That’s soon. I’m happy to be done with AF for this month, and will start monitoring temp and OPKing like mad. I’ve found myself looking at pregnant ladies bellies lately. I try not stare…but I just think they’re so cute. I am very excited to start the journey, whether it happens next month, or in a year…. in just a few short weeks, we’re TRYING!!!!


3 thoughts on “How Could It Be Any Other Way?

  1. howdy howdy! MMMM california pizza kitchen… delish! My personal fave? Thai Chicken pizza- nummy! That was a great video- I had never heard of the guy before! What program do you use to manipulate your photos? I have always wanted to do that high contrast/ color change thing but I can’t figure out how… any pointers? 😉

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