Future Snowboarding Queens??


I’m not an OVERLY athletic person. I like skating (or “ice skating” for my American friends), walking, jogging….that’s about it. My girl has wanted to go skiing or snowboarding with me for years. I’ve always refused. This stems from memories of my first skiing experience when I was 12.

I went with my older brother who was going to teach me. The specific details of it are a blur…probably because I have tried to block those memories for a few years! I remember riding the lift up with my brother….I remember him telling me that he wanted to go down the slope first to get the feel back (it had been a few years), and that he would come back up after that and show me the ropes.

I recall thinking “I can do thisI’ll just try it on my own….how hard can this be???“….. Yeah, I was 12. STUPID. So, he was already half-way down the hill….I was geared up and ready to go…..before thinking, I was FLYING down the hill at an incredible rate of speed….. I remember yelling “HELP, I’M GOING TOO FAST!!!!!!!!!!!!” and people screaming back at me, “FALL ON YOUR BUTT, FALL ON YOUR BUTT!!!!!!!“.

So I did. That DID NOT seem to slow me down. So, now I’m SLIDING down the hill, super fast by the way, and my jacket and shirt slides up to my SHOULDERS, exposing my back to the ICE. So I’m still not slowing down, ice tearing away at my bare skin – ICE BURN – and I finally am nearing the bottom of the hill…..I don’t know HOW I was going so fast…..

I see an orange plastic fence at the bottom of the hill……I think “OF COURSE I’ll STOP BEFORE THAT…..“. Nope. RIGHT THROUGH THE FENCE…..to a painful stop. My back looked like some sort of red mixed drink………yup, THAT HURT to put it lightly. When you’re a kid you remember every traumatic event…….THAT was a traumatic thing for me……So, needless to say, I haven’t always been excited about the possibility of getting back on the slopes.

Well, I love my girlfriend and she really wants to do this. SO, last night we went to a local ski center and bought brand new boards, bindings, boots and bags (the four B’s!). I figure snowboarding is DIFFERENT then skiing….I’ll try that! I’m just staying away from the skis. We were going to go to a resort on our trip up North (when I also see the doctor) but it turns out that the slopes in Ontario have not yet opened. Everything is Mid-December opening. So, we are delaying the trip again. We’re planning on mid to late December now for our combination doctors appointments-mini vacation-ski trip deal. We’ll now be here for our anniversary, but we’ll still plan on doing something fun together that day.

Maybe I’m nuts, but I’m actually EXCITED….

A lean, mean, all-terrain snow shredding machine. For the past few seasons, The Star has remained a perennial favorite among accomplished female riders who want a durable board with a directional shape that is versatile enough to handle anything thrown its way. This dependable, all-mountain conquistador has a die-cut base and elaborate digitally-printed top graphics with an inventive colored foil logo appliqué.



So, without ANY further ado…..the 149cm Forum Star snowboard, Burton Boots & Bindings:




Karli’s sweet new K2 board (hers is yellow instead of blue):



5 thoughts on “Future Snowboarding Queens??

  1. Cool stuff! I am a long time skiier who tried snowboarding a few years ago. Maybe I’ll just stick to the skiing. LOL!
    You will do fine! Let us know how it goes!

    FYI – Learning to stop is an important first lesson. one of my first skiing experiences involved 3 bushes and a tree. Yep. It hurt.

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