Ovulation on CD18!!!! *No more dotted line!*



A few days ago, Fertility Friend said that I ovulated on CD15. I was on the moon. I know it’s only ovulation….but, in the third month of charting with no O, that was a GOOD THING! Today it said based on its interpretations, I have now ovulated on CD18. I am worried with only 3 elevated temps…if tomorrow my temp drops below the coverline, will that mean I didn’t ovulate at all??? BBT feedback would be greatly appreciated. With just over 1 month till our first insemination, I am hopeful that this month I ovulated!!! How great would that be!!! Thanks girls!

*Updated chart* No more questioning it – ovulation DEFINITELY happened!!!! I am very relieved! 🙂  Thanks for all input ladies!




11 thoughts on “Ovulation on CD18!!!! *No more dotted line!*

  1. It looks like CD 18 was your O day (to me). The temp spike was pretty high, after all. I forgot- are you going to do IUIs or Home insems? If you go with a Dr., I highly suggest that when the time comes to meet and really talk about it, you consider medication to improve your chances of ovulation. If you have insurance, it will usually cover most of the meds- Good luck!

  2. I agree with Lynn. I think you’re in the clear and it does look like you O’d on CD18. I also think you should discuss getting put on meds. It’s stressful enough figuring out timing and if you have to add on the stress of will I or won’t I ovulate it will be unbearable.

  3. looks like cd18 to me too. are you doing opks as well? do they corroborate ff?

    i still highly suggest you take the past few months’ charts to your dr so s/he can help with your lack of regular ovulation…

  4. Hey Lynn (and Melissa)- we are doing the home ICI next month with known donor sperm. The great thing is that our donor lives 10 minutes from us and is willing to “help us out” whenever we need him! Yay!! Thanks for the feedback guys…I am very thankful that I ovulated….it was getting depressing! I think if meds will help out with ovulation, we’ll go that route for sure!

  5. Congrats on the ovulation! *phew*
    I think CD 18 too.
    I also agree that some meds might help make it more predicatable…and trust me the stress of timing is hard enough when you do ovualte regualarly, you really, really don’t want to have to worry about “if” and “when.” “when” is plenty to worry about.

  6. Congrats on the Big O! Meds do sound like they might be helpful for you. I just want to add that my meds were never covered by my insurance, so I think where you live and the insurance coverage you have make a big difference. Clomiphene ran us about $75/month – not too bad, but definitely something to plan for.

    Good luck next month!

  7. Good job on the O… I highly recommend seeing a Reproductive Endocrinologist – the types of things they look at are really helpful. We really really love ours. If you want a referral …let us know.

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