“I’ve Been Waiting” *Updated Chart*



Previous Post: “Yesterday Fertility Friend told me that I had ovulated on CD12. Today, it’s saying I didn’t. I guess my temperature dipped below the coverline??? I had three higher temps in a row though. I’ve used an OPK every day since CD10….I’ve gotten a negative each day. Tomorrow is CD17. Any thoughts girls?”

THANKS FOR THE WORDS OF WISDOM GIRLS….I WILL JUST KEEP HOPING FOR OVULATION…i DO think this may be worse than the TWW…but then again, i don’t have much experience in that area!!!


Here’s the chart: (click to enlarge)



9 thoughts on ““I’ve Been Waiting” *Updated Chart*

  1. Just givin you my thoughts on your chart.

    You did have three temps on the rise but only the third one rose above the previous six. Since your temp dropped quite a bit today, you haven’t gotten a positive OPK and you are still recording fertile CM then it looks as though perhaps your body is still gearing to ovulate.

    For me (as thats all I can attest to) I will most times get a big drop the day before I O — so maybe that is what is happening here? Do you usually get a dip before O?

    HTH πŸ˜€

  2. Another one with stubborn eggs this month! I’m not a charting expert and I can’t fathom the temps (we use a different scale). Mine are usually flatter than how yours appear to be. Have you asked one of the FF guides? If you have VIP membership you can ask a question and they’ll reply fairly quickly.

  3. Oh, don’t you just hate this….I think the waiting for ovulation is WAY HARDER than the two week wait!
    I think sometimes I have too much information….if I just did OPK (instead of OPK, charting and fertility monitor) I would feel less crazy. But I am addicted to gathering data….so I do. And it makes me crazy sometimes. I think you should keep hanging in there…I think your O is still to come.

  4. My thoughts (before reading anyone else’s) are to just keep waiting and charting. Unfortunatley, the basal temperature, while the most accurate depiction of a woman’s cycle, is not an exact science and the temps can be affected by a multitude of different things every night- did you sleep with your mouth open/closed, was the bedroom window sealed/open, did you get up to pee, were you snuggled up close all night or in your own corner of the bed… you get the point. All of these tihings affect that temperature. Using the OPKs along with the temps is probably your best bet. Keep your chin up- but remember, this whole journey will get a lot more complicated when you are actually required to place sperm in your nether-regions at the right time!

  5. I would say, trust the OPK. If they’ve all been negative, then you probably haven’t O’d yet. Just keep temping…sometimes I don’t O until CD22. So…I know it sucks, but you just gotta wait and see. πŸ™‚

  6. Yeah, sweetie, I agree with PPs, you don’t appear to have ovulated yet. Give it a little more time, and keep testing with OPKs. Eventually, this will happen. You might want to take this and your last chart to your doctor to see if you can get any advice. Hang in there, girl!

  7. Charting sucks…. you can get so involved in it. What I’ve learned is that you really do need to take your temp at the same time each day and you really do need to get good sleep the night before. My O varies between CD17 and CD25. Just keep doing the OPKs. Have you found a doc in richmond yet? We really like ours.

  8. Dayz of Rain – I’m not sure if I have a dip before “O”, because this is only my 2nd month of charting…last month showed NO “O”.

    2Moms…haven’t found a doc here in RICHMOND yet…have heard about a few good ones though….after my physical next month, we are going to begin the search to find a good one!

    Thanks for the all words of encouragement girls – you guys are the best. Still haven’t ovulated (as of today). Will keep you posted πŸ™‚

  9. Just checking in on you! Thanks for your comments on my blog… very much appreciated!

    BTW – I was never a good chart person!

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