Havana ’59



The string lights, crumbling plaster walls, palm trees and the aroma of cigars take you back in time to enjoy the tantalizing delights of a bygone era in Havana, Cuba.

……A tradition of indulgence of the island city when it was considered “The Paris of the Caribbean in the 1950’s”



We had a great weekend. We spent Friday evening at Havana ‘59, a restaurant with an atmosphere like none other, known for mojito’s to-die-for! Havana is in Richmond’s ‘Shockoe Bottom’…known to be a generally awesome place for great food, nightlife, and shopping along it’s quaint cobblestones streets. It was the monthly “Fourth Friday Family & Friends” dinner. Started by a couple of gay guys in Richmond, their goal was to hit some local restaurant hot-spots with a bunch of LGBT folks every month. Their idea was that as word got out, more and more gay and gay-friendly men & women would go to these very chic downtown restaurants…..thus, getting us out into the community more! It started with a few guys months ago….and on Friday there were over 200 people taking up the top floor patio of Havana ‘59!!! We had a blast.

After leaving there, we headed over to BABES of Carytown, Richmond’s only lesbian bar for the monthly Drag King Show. It was the best show we’d seen in several years. We couldn’t get a seat anywhere (or standing spot), and barely had a clear view of the dance floor. We drank, laughed, danced, and played volleyball at Babes’ sandy backyard court. Note to self: Don’t drink several LEMONTINI’S in a row and think you can play sports. Co-ordination WILL be off.

Saturday was Gay Pride Virginia. This took place downtown at the 17th Street Farmers Market. It wasn’t a HUGE operation, but we had a good time. There was a big crowd……big enough to get some protesters…..Ps. Why can’t those people just stay away?? They just can’t resist can they?? Or, if they’re gonna come out, why not just talk to people with kindness…..shouting that we’re “going to hell” PROBABLY isn’t the best way to get us to come over to your side. I don’t know….JUST A THOUGHT. There wasn’t a parade or anything, but lots of vendors and a bit of entertainment. I was able to shoot a few pictures….here’s one of a VERY GAY greyhound (yes….those are condoms!):


As far as things are going with TTC….I am still waiting to ovulate. Tomorrow is CD14. I’ve been using the OPK’s in hopes that I will catch my LH Surge (some ANSWER, some DOLLAR TREE….as I want to use cheapies in the 2 months before our first insemination). I think I will just be so relieved to see those 2 dark-pink lines…..I just want to know that I’m ovulating and that things are normal. I am craving normalcy!


5 thoughts on “Havana ’59

  1. love the greyhound… by the way, don’t waste your money on AnSWER and even DOLLAR TREE ovulation kits- just go to early-pregnancy-tests.com and stock up on OPKS and preggo tests- they can be as cheap as, like, .40 a piece! ANd sometimes they have really good deals on packages of both opks and preggo tests together! Good Luck!

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