Sweet Decadence … and other joys.


It’s back … in all its sweetness. The Pumpkin Spice Latte at Starbucks. Pure bliss. I look forward to this drink all year. If money grew on trees, I would have an addiction to this drink. I actually prefer it over food………and I LOVE food. At $4.05 a pop (for a “venti”…..a medium….. for all you folks that don’t speak the Starbucks lingo) it’s quite the indulgence. It really is such a treat, and makes for a very good way to start (or end) the workday. This drink always comes back in the Fall – stays for a few months – a crowd favourite for sure! PSL (as I like to call it)……….oh how I have missed you. Note to others: This latte pairs nicely with a pumpkin muffin (with cream cheese in the middle!). If you haven’t tried it, you’re missing out!!! Grab one next time you go by a Starbucks….and let me know what you think. You will soon be joining me (and thousands of others) in a PSL Addiction Group. There is no known cure.

Other things I’m excited about this week:

1. Tuesday brought the release of Patricia Cornwell’s new Kay Scarpetta novel, “Book of the Dead”. I am SO excited to start reading this.

2. Work is busy, as always, but we aren’t running around like crazy people, barely able to catch a breath. It’s finally starting to slow a bit – which is a relief for both myself and K. The closer we get to Christmas, the more down-time we’ll have together.

3. I got a lovely Belkin Cushtop tonight. “A what?” you say??? Do read on…..My Macbook gets rather hot sometimes as it is resting on my lap, and this is a much needed relief for my burnt thighs. Okay, not BURNT, persay, but – the thighs can get mighty toasty. For those of you who have laptops – I give you an alternative to putting a pillow on your lap (you know that thing always moves around and slips out of place!). Here’s a short plug for this BELKIN product:


  • Protects your lap from a hot laptop
  • Uniquely designed for comfortable laptop use on the couch, bed, or floor
  • Features high-quality, furniture-like upholstery (WASHABLE, I might add!)
  • Provides convenient storage pocket for your power supply and mouse
  • Comes with a Belkin Lifetime Warranty


Forgive me for this picture. I couldn’t find a picture of this with a Mac, or I surely would have posted it!! Sorry if this offends any DELL owners out there….alas, I am a Mac girl at heart.

4. We won a bidding “WAR” on eBay. We decided on nursery bedding AWHILE back…..and as you all know, we plan ahead. We were trying to find the best place to buy the stuff for the lowest price, and realized that it was eBay. We got the 6 piece bedding set for a great deal. We actually saved about 200 bucks (based on what we’d pay in the store). Glenna Jean has adorable sets!! Lynn, if you’re reading this, I saw awhile ago that you liked one of her colour schemes – I think it was Spa…….!! Anyway, here’s 2 different pictures of it (we got the bumper, crib sheet, crib skirt, quilt, diaper stacker & mobile). It’s beautiful shades of green, perfect for a boy OR girl:



5. Our youngest beagle, Olivia, learned how to “shake” this week. She doesn’t have the best attention-span for learning tricks…..it took her awhile to really even want to “sit”. BUT, I am proud of our baby….and I have to admit, she looks dang cute doing it too. I’m such a sucker for our pups!

6. It’s raining. We haven’t had rain for several months, and this is MUCH-NEEDED. Not to mention, with all the rain today, the weather is starting to cool down – making THIS GIRL very happy.


Breathe In, Breathe Out



I’m really sleepy. It’s 11:30pm. I don’t know WHY I’m not in bed asleep. I’ve been fiddling with the computer for the last few hours. No need to, really. I was spending most of that time on youtube, checking out some music videos. Karli is in bed asleep with 2 of our beagles – Olivia & Bentley. Jarratt (our oldest pup) is asleep on my feet. I don’t know WHY I stay up when I feel physically exhausted. My body was telling me to hit the sack at 8:30 tonight. I always do this to myself – it’s a terrible habit I’ve gotten into. I think it’s easier knowing that I can sleep in tomorrow morning. Karli worked yesterday from 2:30am (yikes!) to 6:30pm and today was a 9 hour day…….I’m so happy it’s the weekend. I am craving sleep….yet here I am. I really cannot wait to hit the pillow…. SO, I’ll be brief!


Yesterday officially told me that I did not ovulate….the start of a NEW cycle…..well, at least it wasn’t 48 days this time! But, it’s a little disappointing. 2 months, no ovulation. But, I see the doctor in a month, so I’m not stressing – yet. I actually feel alright. I know it will happen when it is meant to happen. SO, if we’re not meant to get pregnant in December, that’s okay. If it takes a few months, or a year – I’m okay with that. When we do start TTC in December, I am going to try to stay as calm as possible and completely prepare myself that this process may take longer than I originally thought.


I’m off to bed…….. I leave you with Mat Kearney’s latest song, “Breathe In, Breathe Out”. I saw this guy play in Norfolk, Va. He’s amazing. Check out his cd, “Nothing Left To Lose”….it’s AWESOME.

No one cares…IF YOU SCREAM!!! *Updated Comments*



So, nothing exciting to report guys. Today is CD25, and still no ovulation. I am hoping I don’t have another 48 day cycle, like last month. I am actually really looking forward to talking to my doctor next month and figuring out where we go from here. I guess there is still a chance that I could ovulate this cycle….but it is CD25 and it just doesn’t look like it’s going to be happening this month either. My CF/CM is not showing that I’m fertile. Sorry if that’s TOO MUCH INFO. Everyone told me that it’s normal to have an an-ovulatory once in awhile. SO, I wasn’t worried after the first month of charting showed no “O”. Well…..now I guess I’m leaning more towards thinking that I’m just not ovulating. Period. Correct me if I’m wrong…..but, if someone doesn’t ovulate…..then, they wouldn’t get a period right??? OR, is it possible to NOT OVULATE, yet also get a period???


Also, wanted to congratulate WE ARE FAMBLY on the pregnancy! So excited for you guys!


Last night felt great. The weather in this part of VA has been in the low 90’s for the last week. The temp has finally dropped….and we have the windows open. LOVES IT! It’s just now beginning to feel like FALL. BRING ON the cold weather! When it was in the 90’s last week and the beginning of this week, I really thought I may lose my mind. I miss Canada’s cooler Summer weather and perfect Fall!!! With the lovely cool air last evening, and a nice breeze, K and I went with a group of friends (21 total!) to:


Scream Forest



“Dare to experience Scream Forest, the Biggest and Best Haunted Trail in Virginia. Scream Forest is an intense walking adventure. We put you on a wagon…take you out in the woods…leave you…on foot with nothing between you and the creatures of the night…where no one cares if you Scream! Escape from the forest and you’ll find the undertaker’s cabin – a haunted house full of surprises.


We had a blast. They drop people in the woods, and you can only go in with, at most, SIX people at a time. We had four. I was freaked out of my mind. I actually had to joke around with the characters that were lurking in the dark woods…..just because I have to lighten up the mood … in order to get through the friggin thing! I did okay until the very end, when some dude jumped out from behind a barn and chased us (did I mention … RIGHT AFTER he started his CHAINSAW?????). It’s crazy that we paid someone to scare the hell out of us! But, I’m very glad we did it. It was really well done – we had a lot of fun, and I’m now even more in the mood for our Halloween Bash we’re throwing at our place on October 27th. AHHHH……..I love Halloween.

“I’ve Been Waiting” *Updated Chart*



Previous Post: “Yesterday Fertility Friend told me that I had ovulated on CD12. Today, it’s saying I didn’t. I guess my temperature dipped below the coverline??? I had three higher temps in a row though. I’ve used an OPK every day since CD10….I’ve gotten a negative each day. Tomorrow is CD17. Any thoughts girls?”

THANKS FOR THE WORDS OF WISDOM GIRLS….I WILL JUST KEEP HOPING FOR OVULATION…i DO think this may be worse than the TWW…but then again, i don’t have much experience in that area!!!


Here’s the chart: (click to enlarge)


Havana ’59



The string lights, crumbling plaster walls, palm trees and the aroma of cigars take you back in time to enjoy the tantalizing delights of a bygone era in Havana, Cuba.

……A tradition of indulgence of the island city when it was considered “The Paris of the Caribbean in the 1950’s”



We had a great weekend. We spent Friday evening at Havana ‘59, a restaurant with an atmosphere like none other, known for mojito’s to-die-for! Havana is in Richmond’s ‘Shockoe Bottom’…known to be a generally awesome place for great food, nightlife, and shopping along it’s quaint cobblestones streets. It was the monthly “Fourth Friday Family & Friends” dinner. Started by a couple of gay guys in Richmond, their goal was to hit some local restaurant hot-spots with a bunch of LGBT folks every month. Their idea was that as word got out, more and more gay and gay-friendly men & women would go to these very chic downtown restaurants…..thus, getting us out into the community more! It started with a few guys months ago….and on Friday there were over 200 people taking up the top floor patio of Havana ‘59!!! We had a blast.

After leaving there, we headed over to BABES of Carytown, Richmond’s only lesbian bar for the monthly Drag King Show. It was the best show we’d seen in several years. We couldn’t get a seat anywhere (or standing spot), and barely had a clear view of the dance floor. We drank, laughed, danced, and played volleyball at Babes’ sandy backyard court. Note to self: Don’t drink several LEMONTINI’S in a row and think you can play sports. Co-ordination WILL be off.

Saturday was Gay Pride Virginia. This took place downtown at the 17th Street Farmers Market. It wasn’t a HUGE operation, but we had a good time. There was a big crowd……big enough to get some protesters…..Ps. Why can’t those people just stay away?? They just can’t resist can they?? Or, if they’re gonna come out, why not just talk to people with kindness…..shouting that we’re “going to hell” PROBABLY isn’t the best way to get us to come over to your side. I don’t know….JUST A THOUGHT. There wasn’t a parade or anything, but lots of vendors and a bit of entertainment. I was able to shoot a few pictures….here’s one of a VERY GAY greyhound (yes….those are condoms!):


As far as things are going with TTC….I am still waiting to ovulate. Tomorrow is CD14. I’ve been using the OPK’s in hopes that I will catch my LH Surge (some ANSWER, some DOLLAR TREE….as I want to use cheapies in the 2 months before our first insemination). I think I will just be so relieved to see those 2 dark-pink lines…..I just want to know that I’m ovulating and that things are normal. I am craving normalcy!