This Post Is Utterly Un-Unified


I’m in a pretty good mood. I don’t think I’ve ever been happier to get my period. Wow, what a way to start a post. I’ve lost my regular readers I’m sure. “Is this whole post going to be on AF?” Nope. In fact….I’m pretty much done telling you about that. Well, I will be in a second. After a 48-day cycle….I deserve to tell SOMEONE. I was beginning to think I would be a period-less girl for the rest of my life. I am looking forward to this month. A new chart….yay! I am really going to pay close attention to everything that is going on in my body. I was a little discouraged that my first month of charting showed NO OVULATION….but, better luck this month right? I think I’m going to use the cheap OPK’s starting around CD10, and see what that holds for me. But, I feel that this month will be more regular. Here’s to hoping!

My girl and I went to one of our Beagle Group Meet-ups the other day. *Yes, you read correctly! Beagle Meetup Group! Our group in Richmond has about 50 members, we have events twice a month (one per month is a doggie play date for all the pups at our local leash-free dog park, the other monthly event is some sort of special outing…) We have three adorable beagles ages 3 and under { Bentley(M), Jarratt(F) and Olivia(F) }that we go practically everywhere with!* Anyway, this month’s event was a Doggie Dayz Corn Maze! They had contests for the dogs – including *best costume & best trick*…. Our youngest beagle, Olivia, won Best Costume for being a Rooster….and our other two won for Best Trick (they are actually a hilarious singing duo……I will post a video here soon!) So, I just wanted to post a few pics to show you all our beloved (canine) kids. Bentley is the Spider, Jarratt is the Lobster, and Olivia is the Rooster. We couldn’t resist when we saw these outfits. It’s ridiculous………..and we loved every minute of it.


“I’m sitting here listening to the song “Lost” by Michael Buble, off his latest album, “Call Me Irresponsible”. There really isn’t a sweeter sound. Since most of you I haven’t met, you may not know me that well…, a little info: I love music πŸ™‚ Most of you may be thinking, “yeah, who doesn’t….?” But, I mean, really, I do…. I mean it is one of my favourite things in life. No matter how complicated life can get, it is always there as a much needed distraction. It can be a light, simple melody or much deeper tune that can just take me away from my surroundings. It’s not just the notes or melody….it’s the emotion behind each chord, each word…….the message of the love they are feeling, the happiness or sadness… has the power to transport you. I sort of view each song like a piece of artwork. Someone put their heart and soul into each note. I just think it’s so cool….It’s so personal. I guess to some people, a song like this would just sound “pretty”, but to me it is so much more than that. I honestly appreciate artists like this – their incredible talent truly enriches my life…

Tomorrow we’re (and by “we’re”, I really mean “me”, as Karli is just NOT into movies and will probably decide to skip the flick) going to see Transformers (Really….I’ve heard nothing but great things about this film) with our known donor at the old theatre downtown (just $1.99 a ticket….you can’t beat that!) *PS. Baby, if you read this, I really think you should reconsider!!! It will be fun!* Hope you guys are all doing well! Looking forward to a nice rest of the week….


9 thoughts on “This Post Is Utterly Un-Unified

  1. Yay for AF!

    Love the doggy costumes! I tried to get Mundy, our jack russell to wear one….that DID NOT go over so well. She just froze in place….like she was paralized. I think it emabarrased her. LOL

  2. Yeah! Period! Not before time.
    I got mine too this morning and was glad to see it because it heralds another try after last months cancellation due to an inconvenient ovulation.

    And I love the dog costumes! I like dressing our pooch up too, but jay thinks it’s disrespectful. I think it’s funny and he seems to revel in it.

  3. Woohoo! Oddly enough, I knew I would see this on your blog today, and I’m thrilled for you. I’m waiting for her to arrive as well, and oddly enough, I can’t wait.

    Your dogs are adorable. I think the spider costume is my fav.

  4. LOL! I thought the lobster was the cutest until I scrolled down to the rooster. Waaah haaa haa! What a cutie.

    Congratulations on getting your period. Now don’t you feel like you’re twelve again?

  5. As I read through the comments, I was amazed that no one had commented on your beautiful analogy of music or more importantly of “Lost.” As the VP of, your description so matches Michael’s own concept of what music should be and that he wants his music to “take you away, if just for a little while.” “Lost”, which will be released as a single with its own video this month, is Michael’s testament to love that, just because it doesn’t work out, doesn’t mean that you have to discard that person.You know, he wrote this for his former girlfriend of eight years, Debbie. Although they have both moved on to new relationships, they will always remain close.Actually, his concert opener, Jann Arden, wrote most of the words, after Michael wrote the music, then as he worked on the words, realized that he could not be objective enough about it to get his words out.Jann was the perfect choice to complete it since she knows Michael well enough to put down into words what he can only feel. Although Michael comes off cool and aloof, as well as too big a joker to be serious about anything, when it comes to music, he is all business and he know what he wants to convey.In fact, the only thing he doesn’t take seriously is himself. He considers himself an interpreter of beautiful songs, which is very fortunate for us. With his smooth, rich, clear voice and his amazing passion for beautiful music, no song has ever sounded better than when he sings it for us. He has a God-given talent that we get to share. You have chosen well – Michael will always enrich your life.

  6. Oh my gosh… those costumes are the cutest! I think I will go this year now and get our dogs costumes!!!! I can’t wait!

    Yeah for AF!!! I am waiting for mine… so when you are done, please send her my way πŸ™‚

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