The Frustration Ball…of my life.


Just a short post. Not overly positive….you have fair warning!! Things can always be worse though- I could be playing this “Frustration Ball” game…..looks like heaps of fun, doesn’t it??? Seriously….who has ever played this? Really, tell me…. if you have, I’d like to know about it.

So, I’m frustrated, as I’m sure you all gathered! I’m exhausted. Today was a 13-hour day on our feet…we worked all last weekend. All day Saturday and all day Sunday. I have to be at work again tomorrow morning for 7. We’re working again this weekend……and I’m so tired….there is just always so much that needs to be done. I feel like I could fall asleep, and stay asleep for two solid days….never….getting….out….of…..bed…..EVER. Ok, not likely…..but still, it’s a lovely thought!!! I love sleep….

Another frustration, tomorrow will be CD44. This is so odd….why the HECK haven’t I gotten my period? It’d be sweet if it was because I was pregnant….but, alas, no insemination=no pregnancy possibilities! Totally random question…..Can weight gain (10 lbs, more or less over a month or so) cause your cycles to mess up? I have gained so much weight this year….I’m feel like I’m losing control over it!!! Ahh….I really must buckle down here soon.


On a brighter note, THE OFFICE: SEASON 3 is now out on DVD. A must-buy when work calms down, and I can have a marathon in front of the tube. Ahh, hilarity………commercial free…….bliss. I now leave you with a few quotes from The Office……if you’re not on that train, you definitely need to get on it. It is the funniest show……ever.


Michael: “Wikipedia is the best thing ever. Anyone in the world can write anything they want about any subject. So you know you are getting the best possible information.”


Michael: “Would I rather be feared or loved? Umm…easy, both. I want people to be afraid of how much they love me.”


Dwight: “I saw Wedding Crashers accidentally. I bought a ticket for Grizzly Man and went into the wrong theater. After an hour, I figured I was in the wrong theater, but I kept waiting. That’s the thing about bear attacks. They come when you least expect it.


Dwight: “Through concentration, I can raise and lower my cholesterol at will.”
Pam: “Why would you want to raise your cholesterol?”
Dwight: “…..So I can lower it.”


8 thoughts on “The Frustration Ball…of my life.

  1. It does seem like a strange cycle, especially since you’ve been such a “regular” girl. I have heard that is *normal* to have about one cycle per year that you don’t ovulate (even the “regular” girls). It would be a weird coincidence that it is your first month charting!
    Also, my first month charting a had erratic temps which I attribute to the fact that I was so obsessed about having to temp at the “right” time that I lost sleep and would wake up about 100 times in the two hours before I was suppossed to temp. It has gotten MUCH better, the longer I do this thing…
    I hope your cycle starts soon!!! Crossed fingers.

  2. Darling, unfortunately, a large amount of weight gain or loss quickly most certainly can affect your cycle, as well as high stress levels… Don’t worry, you are not a mutant girl. Abnormal cycles are, believe it or not, totally normal, especially when considering aforementioned issues such as stress and weight changes. My suggestion- try to find a way to de-stress. One of those ways might be by re-evaluating your diet which can a. improve your moods through better food and you get back to a weight that makes you happy. Good Luck!

  3. Sorry about the crazy cycle… I have had some weird ones too with all the IVF meds and stuff.

    I haven’t ever watched the Office… I might have to check it out!

  4. 10 pounds seems like not enough of a difference to mess with your cycle. Try accupuncture — once my cycle was about 200 years long so I went to my accupuncturist and got my period the next morning! yay for needles.

  5. okay… NOW, i need to VENT after reading your latest blog!! what in the world tiffy? that post was EXTREMELY NEGATIVE and very unlike you. i understand your cycle is playing games right now BUT hey, that happens to the best of us at one point or another. time will tell- there is no need to jump to any conclusions- that is why you are charting now, several months early. when you stop thinking so hard about it all- it will come, i promise. and on a LIGHTER NOTE (HA,HA)- you have really misled all your blogging buds… SHE IS ABSOLUTELY BEAUTIFUL nothing like the mammoth whale she described. i love you PERIOD.

  6. Sudden weight gain (or loss) can mess with your cycles, but as Gold Star said, 10lbs isn’t a huge amount. It could be the stress of working so hard recently?

    And you’re an Office fan? You should check out the original UK version too – we were huge fans.

  7. In defense of the Frustration Ball, I just played it for the first time yesterday at my boyfriend’s house and became mildly obsessed with it. He had to gently take it away from me. I suggested he let me borrow it but he wouldn’t let me. Somehow he didn’t think it would be a good for me to forgo all law school homework to get that damn ball into all 8 cups. Anyway I was googling it and came across your blog. I hope you finally got your period and it is a better month. And I also love the Office.

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