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So, we’ve decided to start ttc a month earlier. We had been planning on doing our first insemination in January…but, I just have this freaky feeling that it’s going to be a lot harder for me to get pregnant then we initially thought. The way we see it, it can’t hurt to start this whole process a month sooner. Tomorrow is CD33 for me….and everything seems all out of whack. Temping is showing no ovulation for my first month of charting…and with my cycles always being between 28-31 days, this is odd. No period in sight, and we sure as heck know we’re not pregnant. I just can’t help having this feeling that it will take us SEVERAL months….I used to always think it would be so easy for me to get pregnant…, I don’t know. I will be 24 when we start trying, I’m still quite young and healthy. I don’t know, maybe I’m worrying for absolutely no reason. I think after we see the doctor in November that will set my mind at ease. If she gives us the go-ahead, DECEMBER will be the month! I am already fully equipped….oral syringe for the insem, 3 bottles of pre-natal vitamins. I’ve heard women ttc should start taking those 3 months before… this generally true? We have the OPK’s and even a box of pregnancy tests (okay, i happened down that aisle in the store, and they were on sale!).


Not to mention I’ve been having the dreams of us inseminating….and I always have the baby dreams. *I know I’m not the only one!* Today we even got a great deal on a nice new Diaper Genie with refills ( I know some of you are laughing at me, it’s okay, admit it….)….and, wait till you see these baby Puma’s (man, we better have a girl!). I died. Seriously, cutest things you’ve ever seen. We couldn’t resist. Actually, I didn’t really even try to. We got an unbelievable deal on these things… matter how precious shoes are for the future wee one, we just can’t justify 30 bucks for runners they’re only going to wear for a month. We know we’re getting stuff even before we’re pregnant, and some of you may think it’s crazy….we just think we’re being smart….doing our research on products and getting things at great prices….we’ve collected a lot of stuff over the past two years. We kept the GAP KIDS Outlet in business. I think we’re going to be happy we were overly prepared in the clothes dept. after the munchkin is here though!


Everything sort of seems to be falling into place in the donor dept. I mean, we didn’t expect anything to change with our situation…but you never know. It’s pretty much set-in-stone now. We got our paperwork back from our known donor (who will be “Uncy T” to the wee one) a few days ago. We are so happy with it all. We feel so lucky that he wants to help us, not wanting anything in return! He has a great sense of humour, and overall, is just a GOOD GUY. No medical problems in his (or immediate family’s) history. He is willing to have his swimmers tested, as well as get a variety of medical health tests done on him prior to the first insemination. When the worst thing we saw on the questionnaire is that he needed glasses at age 8, I think it’s safe to say that we were elated. Some of our fav responses after reading through the paperwork:



US: “Why are you willing to donate?”

HIM: “Because you two are VERY good friends, and it is WAY too easy for me to help you out!”


US: “Ideally, what relationship, if any, would you like to have with the child?”

HIM: “A distant, but friendly one.”



US: “Please list some distinguishing characteristics about yourself.”

HIM: “Handsome as hell”.


Great paperwork, new Diaper Genie, adorable little Puma shoes (check ’em out!), starting ttc a month earlier than planned…..yeah, I’m feeling pretty good right now 🙂 Now….if only my body could figure out this ovulation thing………….



9 thoughts on “Blurbs in Blogland

  1. First things first. Those shoes are too much! How cute!

    I’m glad things are starting to line up for yall. That sure helps and I’m sure things will really get rolling once you see the doc and he/she gives you the green light.

    We too have purchased a few baby items but it never hurt anyone to be prepared. ;o)

    Good luck!

  2. Thanks guys for visiting our site! I am so glad you found me! I will check out your journey too…. Best of luck and let’s keep in touch!

  3. Love the shoes, and congrats on the great deal on the diaper genie! I am happy that you guys are so pleased with your KD (known donor) and I am glad that you have come to the conclusion that this journey may be harder and longer than you thought. I hope, for both of your sakes, that it comes easy for you and that you will be pleasantly surprised. If not, then at least you know that you have a heary support system sitting in the sidelines with lots and lots of suggestions, knowledge, experience, and tips!

  4. How exciting that you’re starting sooner! I hope you have good, quick luck!

    Oh, and I mentioned to you over on our blog that we have also bought a few things for the future tyke–mostly clothes so far. We allow ourselves one outfit per month. We figure the kid will need clothes, and while friends and family will love to buy them too, we want at least a few things to keep us going. It’s so fun to imagine a baby in them!

    And finally, those shoes are adorable. I do love me some baby shoes.

  5. I just found your blog on and read your post about buying stuff in advance and had to chime in! We have bought so much baby stuff already its rediculous. We try to buy as much unisex as possible but we definitely have “only girl” stuff too. We already have crib bedding, shoes, socks, bibs, hats, outfits…like i said, its rediculous. you are totally not alone!! We are breaking from TTC until April so I look forward to following your journey to pass the time. good luck!!

  6. I am so happy your known donor thing is working out well. Somehow it makes things on my side of the wall seem okay when other peoples lives are puttering along smoothly.

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