Postponed Trip



Work is insanely busy…we decided (very late, I might add) to delay the trip! We’re now planning it for the middle of November, when work won’t be so crazy, and we can actually get more time off.

 Why This Is A Good Thing:

1. We’ll be up North on vacation for our SIX year anniversary!

2. More FF Charts for the doctor to look at (one chart isn’t really enough anyway!)

3. More time to PLAN!! ………… hotels, stuff to do, etc…..

4. Gives me a bit of time to shed a few pounds before my physical.

5. We can save a bit more money!

We were both really looking forward to getting away….spending some quality time together and enjoying a full week away from work…..but, we decided that it is best to put off going on our little holiday until later in the year.  Regardless though, we’re taking tomorrow off of work and sleeping in…..relaxing….(the 12+ hours on our feet at work every day are really draining!)….not to mention Monday we have off as well.  It’s not so bad.  I could definitely settle for a lazy day in bed…..and heading to the River one day this weekend with our 3 beagles. We will still have our romantic holiday…it will just have to be shorter…..and in Richmond! Hope you all enjoy the long weekend!


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