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We’re leaving for Toronto on Thursday! Karli is finally taking some vacation days… excited am I? We have been together for close to six years, and have never gone on a vacation together. We’ve gone away for a weekend here and there, but never taken a WHOLE WEEK away. Her work at the Screen Printing shop is so demanding….things sort of seem to fall apart when she’s gone. Well, she’s working a lot of overtime to make sure things will be okay in our absence…..and I am thrilled. For those of you who don’t know, I am actually from Toronto….and we will be around my “home town” for the first few days.

I am getting checked out by my home physician to make sure we have the go-ahead for trying to get pregnant. She will just give me a routine physical……pap smear and all that loveliness….oh joy oh bliss……and run bloodwork. I’m not looking forward to this physical too much. I’ve gained 23 lbs since January, and I was at an ideal weight for my last physical…..I wonder if she’ll tell me to get this weight off before ttc. Ugh, I really want to lose it – I am just SO not motivated right now. But, as I can’t really do up my jeans anymore, I really need to get it under control! Anyway, she will most likely send me for a pelvic ultrasound (she was concerned about the number of cysts on my ovaries at one point) and possibly run some other tests as well. I just hope everything comes back clear and we will be good to go for our January insemination!

Everyone keeps asking me if I will visit my family when I go home……I haven’t seen any of my brothers or my mom & dad since January (when there was a pretty big blowup, so to speak)….that is a long time, and it makes me very sad. We’re not talking at all. I’m not telling them I’m coming… it will only make things worse than they already are. They don’t accept (in ANY sense) “my lifestyle” or my girlfriend. It just makes me sick inside….and I wish so badly that I could have a family that supported me in every aspect of my life. I wish I could bring Karli over for Thanksgiving dinner….that they could just see how much we love each other. I wish they could be Nana and Papa to the little one in the future. Too many painful experiences tells me just to stay away right now. Karli keeps reminding me that we need to be around supportive people right now, and she’s absolutely right. Basically it just sucks. I usually keep my mind off of it, but sometimes the sadness comes in waves. I’m sad for them, what they will lose out on if they don’t start coming around. And I’m sad for me too. I really miss them. Why can’t life just be easy?

Anyway, despite that depressing stuff, I’m enthusiastically looking forward to this trip. After a few days in Toronto, we’re going to drive to Montreal and have a lovely romantic getaway 🙂 It will be so nice to have that time together!! Karli hasn’t been back to Canada in several years, so I’m really looking forward to taking her to a few special places and just having fun….I really want her to just relax and not think about work. Not to mention, this will be our last getaway as a couple (most likely!) as we probably won’t go on a big trip before we have the baby (again, if ttc goes smoothly). It’s a 12 hour drive to Toronto from Richmond………..we always have so much fun together on road trips! Karli gets SO tired though, this time I’ll be armed with sweet playlists on the iPod and TRIVIA to keep her awake.

Have any of you heard of a product called FERTELL ( We’re getting the questionnaire back from our known donor on Monday (medical history, etc), and we were thinking we might try this product.  It is a HOME FERTILITY test.  They have it for men and women.  We are going to get lots of tests done on our donor, but thought this was a more inexpensive and convenient way to test his sperm motility before we even get further along in the process.  That way we’re not injecting sperm that may not even be able to swim! It is a home test (how cool), FDA approved (I would hope so!) and 96% accurate. I would be curious to see if anyone had any thoughts on it, although I know most of you are using anonymous donors….

Jumping topics again….today is CD24 and I’m still wondering why my chart hasn’t shown ovulation. Is it possible that I ovulated and my temperature is not reflecting it? If any of you have any words of wisdom and have some time to glance at my chart below, I’d appreciate your input (yet again)! Thanks guys 🙂



3 thoughts on “Roadtrip & Ramblings

  1. so so sorry about the family situation. it took my very conservative family a long time to come around. and they’re very ‘wtf’ about project baby.

    maybe once you have the baby, they will feel the family pull. here is hoping.

    how long are your cycles? without clomid, mine are around 40-42 days, and when ovulation happens it’s always around cd23. i also have a lot of anovulatory cycles without clomid, where my chart looks a lot like yours.

    don’t give up hope for ovulation yet, but i would definitely bring the chart with you when you go to the dr. he/she might recommend clomid right off if it looks like you’re not ovulating.

    keep us posted. good luck!

  2. It doesn’t look like you’ve ovulated yet. Feel free to look at my charts if you want, I have some months that show ovulation and others that show no ovulation so you can see what both look like.

    I’m from Canada originally too and love going back home for visits. Have a great trip and good luck with the doctor. Maybe you should print off copies of the months you’ve temped and bring them in with you.

  3. Can’t help with the chart, I’m afraid, but vee agrees that printing out as many cycles as you can and taking them to your doctor is a good idea.

    Sorry to hear about your family situation. It may not feel like it right now but people do tend to come round in the end. It takes time. Life sucks sometimes!

    Have a fantastic holiday – sounds like you both deserve it!

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