Baby Bargains & Bizarre Charts

baby bargains

We have heard A LOT lately about this book, “Baby Bargains 2007“. It’s been on Oprah, The Today Show, etc….and created quite the hype. Here’s a snippet off the back cover:

“Congratulations, you’re expecting a baby! What you may not be expecting is all of the requisite gear you “need” to look after your dear bundle. Fear not. Denise and Alan Fields, authors of Bridal Bargains, are here to tell you what’s super and what’s silly, and how to find it at the best price!”

Okay, I know it’s early….but we’re lesbians. And we’re planning in advance. Way in advance….as we’re not even pregnant yet. Nevertheless, we were going to buy this book in the near future…..when, funny enough, Karli heard an advertisement on the radio that the author, Alan Fields, was going to be at our local baby store – USA BABY – in Richmond – giving away free copies! Whoo Hoo!!!! We were excited. We showed up bright (not really) and early (not so much) at 10am. We are SO prepared. Turns out that he wasn’t ACTUALLY showing up until 1pm…..Okay, I GUESS we can look around the store at beautiful baby furniture and adorable nursery decor…………Time well spent….I think we’ve decided what patterns and collection we are going to go with for the nursery….but more on that later…..

Anyway, we grabbed some lunch, ran to Old Navy to look for other cute maternity and baby stuff (we obviously have an addiction….) and got back to the store around 1:30 or so. We COULD NOT find a parking space. I mean, by the amount of people, you’d think that they were giving out COLD HARD CASH. We parked aways away, and walked in, and snagged one of the last copies!! The author talked to us for awhile about the bugaboo stroller that we have our hearts set on….and signed a copy to us! How sweet. We are going to read the book together….but we have glanced at a few pages, and it looks like a great read.

Do any of you have this book? If not, I would recommend getting a copy. It would also make a great gift for a baby shower! I think it will be our baby shopping Bible. Truly. Especially with articles like, “The Top Ten Baby Products That Should Be Banned”.

Okay, switching gears completely, I need some desperate help on BBT charting. Today is CD17 for me. I’m trying to read my chart, and with not much luck, I might add. I started charting on CD6……I’m sure by now I must have ovulated…..but I just don’t see the temperature dip and rise that I was expecting…..any input on this would be much appreciated! I even had my first experience today peeing on a stick with my first OPK test! Just wanted to see if my LH surge was later in my cycle or something. The last few days, I’ve had all the other signs…….ovulation pain, cervical fluid, etc… it just that I missed the LH surge and that my chart doesn’t show the temp stuff it’s supposed to….or am I completely reading it wrong? What cycle day do you think showed that I was about to ovulate?? Ahhh, this stuff is so confusing to me! Any help would be great! Many thanks girls!



9 thoughts on “Baby Bargains & Bizarre Charts

  1. Nice one on the free book. Not only free, but it sounds like it could save you money in the long run too, eh!

    I’m no charting expert, but your temps look pretty erratic to me. Are you taking your temp at the same time every morning? After a solid 3-4 hours sleep and before moving around? I have real trouble with mine because I wake so often in the night, but that’s what they recommend. Also, if you have a habit of sleeping with your mouth open, you can temp vaginally – you need to do this through the whole cycle though, don’t change mid-way through. And don’t forget which orifice you’re using!!

    With the OPKs, you’ll probably need to pee on one or two a day over a number of days to detect ovulation. The length of your usual cycle should determine which day you start using them. My cycle is usually 27 days, so I would start using them on day 10 and carry on until ov was detected. There’s a list on this website which will tell you the best day for you to start based on your cycle:-

    Good luck with figuring it all out – it’ll be second nature before you know it!

  2. Kudos to you guys for temping. I firmly suggest taking your temp rectally. If uou are not used to doing it, it can sound a bit daunting, but it is super easy and the most accurate that I have found. I would save your money on your OPKs until you chart a few cycles with FF. I never once used an OPK while we were charting and I always got a clear picture of how my cycles were coming along. Using an OPK, however, will definately come in handy when inseminating, being that you need to inseminate befoer you see the temperature rise.

    When you say that you ares “sure by now [you] must have ovulated” what are you going on? How long is a typical cycle for you? While charting, I had a couple annovulatory cycles. I hope it is not the case for you!

    Good luck!

  3. Hi. My partner and I have been trying to get pregnant for the past two months. We found Toni Wechsler’s book “Taking Charge of Your Fertility” to be very helpful in terms of charting. Actually, monitoring your cervix via speculum is also incredibly informative if you guys are up for that. The BBT charts start to make more sense after a few cycles. Good luck!

  4. I’ll echo what Vee said: you need to take your temperature at the same time every day. Even ten minutes can create a noticable change in temperature. You will also want to take your temperature right after you wake up–before you take a sip of water, kiss your honey, go to the bathroom, walk around, etc. I set my alarm at 7am every morning, and even if I want to sleep longer, I’ll wake up, temp, write it down, and go back to sleep. It makes the chart much more accurate, but it is pretty miserable when I wake up at 6am, am thirsty, and I have to pee!It gets a lot easier, though, and you’ll figure out the sorts of things that affect your temperature (drinking, even a glass of wine will cause big spikes in my chart).

    We’ll definitely be getting that book. I hadn’t heard of it, but we’re really into avoiding that tendency to become uber-consumers of unnecessary baby stuff, so thanks for the recommendation!

    Love the blog, by the way. I’m so glad you started it!


  5. Thank you for all of the responses guys! I really appreciate you taking the time….I will definitely heed your advice!!

    I have been taking my temp same time each morning, before moving around (I have the alarm set for 7:15). I just didn’t know if this was a normal chart, or way out there! I guess I assumed I had ovulated by now because it’s CD18 for me, and I just assumed, “aren’t women supposed to ovulate by then”?? But, I’ve now seen on other blogs that many women ovulate later! I definitely will continue charting and hold off the OPK’s till closer to our insemination month. Thanks again girls!

  6. Hi there! I just stumbled on your blog. I had the same problem when I started charting. I ended up ovulating on average on CD24. We’re going to be starting TTC in September and because of my long cycles and only ovulating every other month the doctor decided to put me on clomid, which shortened my cycles.

    I’m not saying that’s that what will happen to you but having multiple charts before TTC really helped! So keep it up and you’ll start to see a pattern.

  7. I am doing the charting thing too. My partner and I just did our first inseminations this weekend after three consistent months of charting and doing an OPK last month. My partner, who is an accountant and is excited by charts generally, is convinced by the chart that we “nailed it” even though we still have not gotten a positive OPK and I am convinced we were way too early. I never see the spike either. However, after you get a month of data in FF, the spike is much more evident, and a couple of months will help you pinpoint ovulation. FF does it for you. Also, get the Maia Lesbian Conception book – it explains BBT in mind-numbing detail. But we are newbies too – hopefully we can share tips!

  8. I second (or third) what everyone is saying – make sure you’re consistent about how/where/when you take your temp. I know my first couple of charts were a bit off as well, but eventually you’ll start seeing a pattern. If you can, get yourself some cheap OPK strips (I can give you a link to the ebay seller I use if you want) so that you can use them for a few successive days to get a ‘feel’ for your surge.

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