I’m just plain HAPPY.


Karli and I are even more excited about the whole ttc process…….is that possible?

We just got back from our discussion group meeting, and I just had to write on how very happy I feel inside!! Not only was our group topic on Lesbian Insemination/Parenting, but we had TWO awesome couples come in to talk about their own personal journeys through ttc, pregnancy and parenting. We walked away from there even MORE excited…..how that’s possible, I don’t know, but it was just so cool. Each of these couples have beautiful children (the first couple in their 30s had a 2 yr old & a 5 yr old, the second couple had a 3 year old & a baby just under a year). It just brought such a smile to my face….. those adorable, sweet kids were born from such love. Life is a truly amazing thing.

Ps. Thanks Lynn for the responses…I appreciate so much the fact that there is this online community of support!! I think that will be such an outlet for us during this whole process. It’s nice to have somewhere to get advice, or just vent. Thanks for cluing me in to blogging!!


4 thoughts on “I’m just plain HAPPY.

  1. LOL oh, you just wait… The longer you blog, the more people find you and it is so awesome to get so much varying input! I am glad to hear that your meeting went well!

  2. Hey there, thanks for stopping by our blog and wishing us luck. I agree with Lynn that blogging is a great phenomenon. I certainly don’t think we’d have stayed sane this long without the support of all the lovely people out there! I’ll add your blog to our roll if that’s ok?

    Good luck with the blog and with getting your TTC journey on the road!

  3. Welcome to blogland ladies! I found you thru lesbian family. What a nice surprise to FINALLY find some “family” in Virginia! We were beginning to think we were all alone. :o) We’re in Williamsburg. Heck, that practically makes us neighbors! Again, welcome and get ready for an exciting ride! We look forward to following along with yall. Good luck!

  4. You’re in Virginia? I was assuming Richmond, Australia! Nice to hear from you- thanks for your feedback on my blog & good luck with the discussion group – I was in one for a while and it did seem to get bogged down in mediocrity. That happens when you’ve got twenty people all voting on a topic. Let’s try and think of some out there ones for you – what about a discussion on racism in lesbian communities? a safe s*x for B&D games session by a health educator? how to maintain your own personality & dress sense in a relationship?

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